Rent Space at a Self-Storage Facility If You Enjoy Fishing

29 September 2016
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One of the joys of being a fishing enthusiast is accumulating gear. Over the years that you enjoy this hobby, you'll buy at least one boat, many rods and reels, lures, and all sorts of clothing and gear. A challenge that you'll often face is storing all these items. While you might be able to rearrange your home to provide storage space in your garage or basement for your gear, you'll still face the conundrum of storing your boat. Instead of using up valuable driveway space, think about renting space at a self-storage facility. This venue will provide ample space to store everything you need.

Have Space for Your Boat

Many self-storage facilities have spaces that are large enough to safely back a fishing boat on its trailer in and then close the door. This is advantageous in a number of ways. The closed nature of the storage space will prevent your boat from being exposed to the elements. Additionally, you're less likely to experience outdoors pests such as mice and squirrels getting inside the boat and damaging it when you store it in a unit. Storing your boat in this manner is also highly secure as compared to just leaving it in your driveway, even if you've locked the trailer hitch.

Have Wall Space for Racks

Storage customers are often allowed to make small changes to their spaces, such as by adding some shelving on the walls. Provided that your self-storage center allows you this perk, you can install some fishing-rod racks on the walls of your space. This will allow you to store the rods vertically with their tips up rather than stack them in the corner of your garage or basement. This storage solution provides a higher probability of keeping the roads safe, as they can easily get damaged upon falling over or being inadvertently stepped on.

Pack Up Without Bothering Neighbors

Many fishing enthusiasts head out early in the morning, and this can result in annoyed neighbors who aren't keen on hearing a boat being hooked up to a truck and gear being loaded long before the sun rises. If you move all your fishing gear to a storage space, you won't have to risk annoying any sleeping neighbors. You can leave your home early, back your truck up to your space, hitch the boat, and load your supplies. Given that self-storage centers are typically open around the clock, you can visit at any time of the day—no matter how early.

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