Tips for Ensuring an Accurate Estimate for Your Move

8 September 2016
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Moving can be complicated. Hiring a professional mover is sometimes the best way to simplify things and help you get the job done with the least stress possible. One of the first steps to retaining the services of a mover, though, is finding out how much the services will cost. Since the pricing for most moves is based on the weight of your belongings, it can be tough to estimate. Here are a few tips to help you get as accurate an estimate as possible so that you avoid any surprises later.

Ask for an On-Site Estimate

Many moving companies can provide you with a general estimate based on the size of your home and a consideration of any special furniture you may have. However, an over-the-phone estimate is a general guideline that's based upon average household-belonging weights. If you want to help improve the accuracy of the estimate you receive, ask the mover to send someone to your home. That way, they can evaluate your belongings and help you formulate a more precise assessment of the costs.

Conduct a Thorough Walk-through with the Representative

Don't overlook spaces like the attic and the basement. Sometimes there are things tucked in those places that you've long since forgotten and will be bringing with you. If you're talking about things like storage chests, freezers, and workbenches, those can add up weight-wise. By going through each room and the garage, you'll be able to clearly tell the movers what you're moving and what you aren't.

Be Precise in Your Choice of Words

When looking at things in each room, choose your words carefully. If you say, "That's going," in reference to a large piece of furniture, the mover may not know if you mean that it's going with you or if you mean that you're getting rid of it. So, make sure to be precise and say things like "We'll be moving that," or "We won't be moving that." This helps eliminate confusion.

Review the Inventory

Another key step for ensuring the accuracy of your moving estimate is to review the inventory created by the mover during the walk-through. Most companies create an inventory of what's going as well as what isn't. Ask for copies of both and review them for accuracy as you evaluate the estimate. If you have overlooked something in the process, this can increase your costs.

Hiring a professional mover can make this the easiest move you've ever done. With these tips, you can also ensure that there are no surprises along the way. Proper planning and consultations will help you ensure an accurate estimate and a successful move. Contact companies like Wheaton World Wide Moving to start getting estimates for your move.