Getting Ready To Pack For Moving? 4 Ways To Handle Your Moving Boxes

2 September 2016
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Moving includes a huge list of things to do, such as communicating with your landlord, cancelling local services, and going through the packing process. It is important to take the packing process seriously, as this can set you up for an enjoyable experience all the way to unpacking in your new home. Naturally, most of the packing revolves around putting your possessions into moving boxes. Furniture and other oversized items will certainly be included, but they usually only make up a small portion of your items. Knowing how to handle moving boxes will help you enjoy a quick, safe, and stress-free move.


It might seem useful to get some small boxes that you can use for heavy items or collections of small items. But, you can get by perfectly fine without these boxes when you plan out using medium-sized boxes. Everything that you would put into a small box can go into a medium box with preparation. You might already have makeup bags, jewelry boxes, or other small containers that you can put into these boxes. For excessively large items that will not fix in a medium box, you can just leave them out.


Although you can throw a random assortment of items into a box, this is not an ideal method. Items may get damaged, and the box may not have a strong enough support system to avoid collapsing. A layer of newspaper is the perfect base, but you can also use towels, blankets, or even clothing. The crucial part is to protect everything inside the box by creating a base around the edges.


Most tapes are effective at sealing boxes, such as masking, paper, packing, and duct tape. While packing tape should be fine for most boxes, you may want to use duct tape to gain additional protection. When folding the boxes, you will have the initial fold that brings in two sides, and then the second fold. It is fine to wait until the second one to start taping, but you can even do it on the first fold. Going the extra distance with tape will help you keep the box from opening up, which can lead to items falling out.


Labeling the top and one side is not enough for your move. It is important to get as many permanent markers as you need to make sure every side of each box has the same writing. This way, you can put the box into a moving truck in any orientation without worrying about your ability to read what it says. It is a helpful step that allows you to quickly put items into the truck without having to think.

Moving becomes a lot easier when you have a concrete plan for using moving boxes. For information on local moving services that can assist you with your move, check out websites like