Tips For Storing Fine China

17 August 2016
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Packing up your fine china can be a little bit stressful, especially if you need to store it safely for a long period in a storage unit. Fortunately, it's possible to avoid almost all chance of damage by knowing the proper ways to store the china. The following tips can help you do this successfully.

Tip #1: Wrap individually

It's a good idea to wrap each piece of china individually with a sheet of acid-free tissue paper. The paper serves several purposes. First, it prevents discolorations from occurring in the finish of the china. Second, it ensures that things like paint and gold gilding doesn't flake or rub off. Finally, it stops the pieces from knocking together in storage, which can lead to chips.

Tip #2: Use padding

If you will be stacking items in a box, such as bowls, make sure that you have a piece of padding between them. You can use something simple like bubble wrap or you can purchase actual fabric padding that is meant to be used with fine china. This further prevents chips to the pieces. It also keeps items like bowls from becoming stuck together, which can cause them to crack.

Tip #3: Consider quilted cases

Quilted cases go a long way toward further cushioning and protecting the china against chips. You can often find these at home stores or direct from china manufacturers and dealers. China cases are usually sized to fit individual pieces, so there will be separate storage areas for cups, bowls, saucers, and so forth. You can then place the packed cases into a plastic storage bin to further protect against bumps and breakage.

Tip #4: Store carefully

When placing the tubs in the storage unit, make sure they are sitting on a shelf or in another location in the unit where other items won't be stacked on top of it. You don't want the storage bin lid to collapse under a heavy box. Make sure the bins are sitting on a firm, steady base, though, so you don't have any concerns about them falling over. Also, label the outside of the bin with the pattern and the pieces that are inside. This way you don't have to unpack all of the china in several bins just to find the one piece you need. Place the bins so you can easily see the label.

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