How To Pack Up Housewares For Storage

6 August 2015
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Packing up housewares for storage shouldn't be treated the same as getting items ready to move. Long term storage is a different type of wear and tear and you need to pack items appropriately. Any additional care that you can give to items that might be in storage for a while will help your housewares stay safe. Here are four tips when it comes to wrapping up housewares for your storage unit.

1. Opt for Plastic Bins

Moving boxes made out of cardboard might not stand the test of time when it comes to long-term storage. If you can source plastic bins with locking lids, these will be sturdier and keep your items safer. These usually can stack well and will be easy to move around if you need to access storage to pull out specific items. Plastic will last longer and won't disintegrate over time or in inclement weather.

2. Wrap Items With Care

If you are just moving from one location to another, a quick wrap up of items should to fine. If you are putting items in storage, a little extra padding and use of packing materials won't hurt. Storage boxes and items can shift over time so make sure that your items are secured and insulated. If you have breakables, make sure these are bubble wrapped and taped up well, whether items are inside or outside of boxes.

3. Label Items Carefully

If you are packing to move, you might remember what you packed in your box marked "kitchen cabinet" or "bathroom." If items have been in boxes for a few months (or years), you might forget exactly what you have in your inventory. Try to list out everything in boxes, especially if this includes a few smaller items that you might lose track of.

4. Assess Items You are Storing

If you are downsizing or packing up storage items quickly, it can be easy to just want to throw everything in your storage unit and forget about it. It is important that you don't inadvertently store perishables, and this includes dry foods, spices and pet food. Other items that you might want to rethink storing are electronics. These can become obsolete quickly and it might be better to sell these than putting in storage.

Putting a little extra effort into packing up your items for long term storage can make a huge difference later on. Ensure your items are properly stored to reduce damage. Efficient packing will save your time and effort on the other end when you finally remove items from your storage unit.

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