5 Ways To Ease The Process Of Storing Items In A New Storage Unit

5 August 2015
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Renting a storage unit from a professional service, like Stevens Creek Storage, should free up a ton of extra space at home, but it can be a challenge to make sure that all of your belongings are carefully loaded into the unit without any issues. In order for your storage unit to be filled efficiently without any empty space and stay safe in the process, you will need to take some time to look into the steps you should take to ensure that the unit is used properly.

Rent a Truck or Van for Easy Transportation

If you only have a standard sized vehicle, it can be downright impossible to move all of your boxes and furniture into storage in one go. Instead of taking multiple trips, you should look into renting a truck or van for a few hours. The cost of renting a larger vehicle to move everything in one trip may end up being a more economical and stress-free option.

Invest in Shelving for Inside the Unit

Keeping boxes off the ground is generally a good idea since it can help protect your belongings in the possibility of a flood. Along with this extra protection, shelves can help keep all of your items easy to access when visiting the storage unit. If the unit doesn't already have shelving, look into putting in your own shelves.

Determine How Far Back Some Boxes Should Be Stored

When loading your items into the storage unit, it is a good idea to look into how often some of the items will be accessed. Organizing the storage unit with this in mind can help ensure that the items you need more often are easy to grab in a moment's notice, while some are farther back due to how rarely they are needed.

Make Sure a Pathway is Easy to Use

Getting around all the boxes and furniture inside your storage unit can be a challenge, making it important to provide a pathway when moving things in. The path should be easy to locate and allow you to reach most of the contents of the unit without stumbling around or stepping over anything.

Wear a Back Brace When Heavy Items Are Involved

To reduce the risk of hurting yourself while moving things in, a back brace should always be worn when lifting or pushing anything heavy. Snugly fitting the back brace before you begin can help ensure that you will not push yourself too hard and end up injured.

Taking your time exploring how to best use your storage unit can help make getting in and out a breeze. With a focus on safety and organization, your storage unit can be used as efficiently as possible as well.