What Is Effective Boat Storage In Cold Weather?

15 July 2015
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If you live in the northern United States, you likely only have a short boating season most years, sometimes as short as from May through September. To make sure that your investment makes it intact through the harsh winter months and is ready for you to enjoy it again when spring arrives, it's important to have your boat properly winterized and stored correctly for cold weather. However, just what is effective cold weather storage for boats?

Things to consider when storing your boat for the winter

Of course, you'll want to remove your vessel from the water well in advance of icy weather. The freezing and thawing of the water around the boat will damage the hull and the engine. However, simply getting the boat out of the water isn't enough. There are other things to consider to make sure your boat is secure.

  1. Make sure the boat is resting on sturdy supports. Whether you contract with a boat storage company or store your boat on your own property, it's imperative that the boat rest on supports that are designed to hold the unique shape of a boat. Such supports are not only made to hold the weight of a boat, but are designed so that most storms won't blow them over. Another good alternative is using a dry storage rack, either indoors or outdoors
  2. Remove all flammable agents. Paint, gas, oil, turpentine and other flammable liquids should all be out of your boat before you put it to bed for the season. It's easy to forget all of the things you bring on board during the season, but even a little can of solvent can be a fire hazard over the winter.
  3. Cover your boat. Covering your boat (and making sure that the cover is securely anchored) not only keeps debris and moisture out of your boat, it makes it less enticing to would-be thieves. A cover that's not tied down well can also flap in the wind and even cause the vessel to blow over. Shrink wrapping your boat, an option at most boat storage companies, can keep your boat moisture-free and prevent any mold and mildew from forming.
  4. Remove everything you can from the boat. Cushions, gear, sports and fishing equipment are all better off stored in your home than on your boat, where potential moisture and temperature fluctuations can cause damage.

Storing your boat for the winter doesn't have to be a hassle. Get your vessel ready by having a good boat company winterize the engine, making sure that you remove all flammables and personal possessions and ensuring that the boat is well-supported and the cover is well-secured. If you're looking for boat storage in your area, visit Epic Group Inc.