Keeping A Lawn Tractor In Your Storage Unit For The Winter? Do These Things First

16 August 2016
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One of the major advantages of keeping a storage unit is that you can move items in and out of it throughout the year. If you use a lawn tractor to keep your yard looking beautiful throughout the summer but need to clear space in your garage for your car when winter arrives, a logical place to store the lawn tractor is in your storage unit. A friend with a pickup truck or a rented utility trailer can help you transport the tractor to the storage facility with ease, but make sure that you do these important tasks so that your machine is in good condition when you retrieve it in the spring.

Top Up The Tires

It's a good idea to ensure that the lawn tractor's tires are properly inflated before you park it in the storage unit for the winter. Long-term storage can result in tires losing their air, and you don't want to return in the spring to see that one of the tires is ruined because it lost some air and the sidewall split as a result of the weight of the tractor. When you're storing a lawn tractor in your garage, you'll naturally keep tabs on the tires; when it's in a storage unit, it's important to top up the tires first.

Add A Fuel Stabilizer

It's important to top up the gas in the machine before you store it in your storage unit for the winter, as a partially empty gas tank can develop condensation in cold weather that could cause problems in the vehicle's gas lines. Once you fill the tank, though, make sure that you add a bottle of fuel stabilizer, which is available in any store that carries automotive supplies. This product is designed to protect the gas during the winter months and avoid issues in the spring.

Lube Up Any Moving Parts

You can't go wrong spending a little time applying lubricant to any of the lawn tractor's moving parts before you transport it to your storage unit. A general spray lubricant is ideal for spraying nuts, bolts, and pins that hold the moving deck, for example. This will help you be able to remove them in the spring if you need to service the tractor or sharpen the mowing blades before you cut the lawn. The tractor's axles, too, should be greased according to the instructions in your owner's manual.

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